Cattle Training in Spain

Posted in: Shows on Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Working Equitation training is happening all over the UK. The dressage, obstacles and speed phases are easy to practice but the cattle penning is a different matter. Working Equitation UK organised the trip to Spain where we had the chance to ride horses experienced with cattle and have training with a champion. Holly Barber and I joined fellow working equitation riders Tori Peter and Rebecca Turner on a flight to Jerez.

It was great to ride horses that knew what they were doing and were easy to move around the cattle. It was very useful to have been that close up with the cows and had great fun penning them. Our trainer Luis Erquicia Domecq was excellent and we improved a lot.

Many thanks to Luis, Goncalo and Lorenzo for your hospitality and patience! We look forward to returning…

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